When To Start Treatment

Early examination allows the orthodontist to detect and evaluate problems and plan appropriate treatment.
Early treatment may prevent more serious problems from developing and/or make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated. Early treatment may also achieve results that are not possible once the face and jaws have stopped growing.

In most cases, orthodontic treatment is commenced as soon as the last baby tooth has been shed. This usually occurs in the early teens. In some cases, it is an advantage to start just before the last baby teeth are shed.

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Why Straighten Teeth?

People have orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance, health and function of their teeth.

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Common Concerns

An orthodontic opinion may be sought to address crowded teeth, thumb sucking, open bite, cross bite, deep bite, under bite, ectopic teeth, impacted teeth, missing teeth, spaced teeth and other problems.

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How long will orthodontic treatment take? Will teeth have to be removed? Find out what to expect from orthodontic treatment.


Braces are the most efficient and accurate way of moving teeth. Sequential plastic aligners can also be used to achieve good results in some cases.

The key to healthy teeth and gums is complete plaque removal every day. Follow our simple instructions and you'll be off to a great start...

Orthodontic Breakages

Orthodontic breakages occur occasionally, and although they may be a little upsetting for the patient, they are usually simple to treat.

How Much Will It Cost?

This is difficult to answer without viewing your particular case. Our fees vary depending on the nature and severity of the case; the treatment method and the anticipated treatment duration. Fees usually cover the entire treatment including fitting of braces, adjustments, removal of braces and the supply of retainers and their supervision. However many orthodontic problems require only simple treatment and you might find that the cost is lower than expected. In most cases we are able to provide:

  • Interest free payment plan
  • Discount for payment in full
  • Sibling in treatment discount

Your private health fund will supply information on your particular rebate.

Dental Health Funds

Health benefit Fund schemes offer a rebate on fees paid for orthodontic treatment. The rebate depends on your type of health cover and on how long you have been in the Health Fund. You should discuss the rebate with your Health Fund before making a start with orthodontic treatment. We will provide a Fee Quotation at your consultation which can be taken to your Private Health Fund to discuss rebates for the treatment.