Sequential Plastic Aligners

This system uses custom made sets of clear plastic aligners/correctors to move the teeth. The product used is thin and fits snugly over the teeth and are almost unnoticeable.

It is easy to talk with them in and most people cannot tell you are straightening your teeth.

They are worn 24 hours a day and removed for eating, drinking and brushing. Correctors are changed every 2 weeks to progress the movement of teeth.

The success of this system is dependant on patient compliance - should correctors not be worn full-time treatment cannot progress as scheduled.

Sequential plastic aligners can align teeth but, as yet, they cannot correct significant bite discrepancies.

Sequential plastic aligners are considerably more expensive than fixed appliances (braces) which remain the most effective and controlled way of moving teeth. The most common sequential plastic aligners available in Australia are made by ClearSmile®, which is an Australian company, and Invisalign®.