These are small elastic bands. They are used to exert a gentle, continuous force for aligning one arch to the other; they may also be used in assisting space closure. There are many types of elastics, all have an animal name ie. Fox, Ostrich, Ram, Parrot etc. Each individual type of elastic has a specific purpose, when you need more please advise the name of the specific type you are using. Elastics can be positioned differently to achieve various results – it is important to wear them as instructed otherwise the required movement will not occur.

  • Elastics are usually worn full time, being removed only for brushing and sometimes for eating.
  • Teeth have never failed to move when elastics are worn consistently as directed.
  • However, if elastics are worn one day and left off the next, the teeth will set up resistance that will slow or stop progress.
  • Discomfort is also increased with stop / start wear
  • Soreness will differ for individuals – may last for the first few days, take your usual method of pain relief as required
  • Elastics are changed once each day or if they break, as this maintains a certain pressure and strength

The doctor will specify if instructions are different Remember: Consistent wear means shorter treatment time